mt arayat

A majestic photo of Mount Arayat has been making rounds on the internet for quite some time now but it seems there’s a lot of beauty to explore through the lens of Kapampangan astrophotographer John David Guevarra.

He started falling in love with photography in 2013 when his brother-in-law gifted him a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera. He first focused his gaze on landscape photography but an unforgettable experience at a campsite made him discover his love for things “out-of-this-world”.

“I started loving astronomy when we started hiking and went on an overnight camp. When I saw the night sky and the astronomical events, I got curious so I self-studied basic astronomy and astrophotography,” Guevarra says.

Guevarra, 30-years-old, is a native of Sta. Ana, Pampanga.

As a photographer, he describes his art as a way to capture time since he enjoys spending a lot of it in his province, especially in the scenic Mount Arayat.

“One of my favorite hiking destinations is Mt. Arayat and I usually climb it once a year. So I thought of capturing it with the Milkyway,” Guevarra ends.

In his Astro and Meteorology Photography, Guevarra shares the stories and even techniques behind his amazing shots. Here are some of them:

mt arayat
San makakarating ang 250 pesos mo?
Chasing the Milky Way Galaxy somewhere in Pampanga.

Apr17/2018/Canon 600D/Canon 10-18mm
Bgry. Baliti, Arayat, Pampanga
Coordinates: 15° 11′ 19.05″ N , 120° 42′ 11.14″ E
145+ masl

mt pulag
It’s 3:00 in the morning looking up at the Core of Milky Way Galaxy at the Camp 2 of Mt. Pulag.

With MARS at the upper left of the horizon and JUPITER at the lower right. 
Kit: Canon 600D + Canon 10mm, single exposure.
Date: Feb 08, 2019
candaba swamp
“Fly me to the galaxy and let me sing among those stars”
Milky Way galactic core at Candaba Swamp last February 26, 2020, 4AM.
Cosmic Quarantine: Stay at home (Earth) 
Astrophotography sa likod ng bahay/palayan at 3AM, Pampanga.
Date: March 25, 2020
moon & venus
Today’s Moon-Venus conjunction. Taken just after sunset.
Date: March 28, 2020
The biggest supermoon in almost 70 years.
Go out and see it for yourself. Taken at around 6 pm, Nov 14. 
milky way
“The Heart of Scorpius”
The bright yellow star Antares and Rho Ophiuchi nebula complex to the right, and the Milky Way galactic core to the left, taken March 5 & 6, 2020.
Supposed to be the night of the Lyrids meteor shower —
pero swerte walang lumitaw na meteor! 
Kaya eto nalang, (ISS) International Space Station flyby and planetary alignment – Jupiter, Saturn and Mars and Ariwanas in the background.
Date: April 22, 2020
“Look at the stars Look how they shine for you”
Chill quarantine lang sa billion-star hotel.
Date: Apr 26, 2020
mt arayat
My first milky way shot for the year.
Mt. Arayat, National Park
Brgy. Baliti, Arayat, Pampanga
Date: Feb 28, 2021

You may also visit his instagram page to see more of his works.


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