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Arts and Culture

Multidisciplinary artist creates performative art pieces to celebrate Mother’s Day

Thinking about giving your moms something special this Mother’s Day? You might want to try this performative artwork created by multidisciplinary Kapampangan artist Ruston Banal. Banal has released a 100-edition-copy sculpture of his personal tribute to the nurturing character of a mother called Inda, the Kapampangan word for mother. The artwork is made entirely in …

Arts and Culture News

Got talent? Join UP Aguman’s Sining 2021 and celebrate the Kapampangan youth’s resistance

Nothing can stop the Kapampangan culture and talent! Not even the pandemic.  For the first time ever, the UP Aguman is hosting the much-awaited annual arts and talents competition for Kapampangan high school students virtually on April 17 and 24, 2021. With the theme “Datíla: King Sablang Pámanlúpig, Mángibábo ya ing Mibábatang Kapampángan,” Sining 2021 …

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