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PICPA Angeles City Chapter responds to challenges, transforms towards sustainable recovery

ESTABLISHED in 1989, the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) Angeles City Chapter is celebrating its Annual Accountancy Week with the theme “TRANSFORM: Embracing Possibilities, Realizing Potentials” on July 11 to July 17, 2021. The weeklong festivities include online quiz bowls for students in Accountancy nationwide and a series of webinars with relevant topics …

mount pinatubo

8 facts about the Mount Pinatubo eruption

EXACTLY thirty years ago, the province of Pampanga was ravaged by the world’s largest volcanic eruption ever to happen in the last 100 years– the Pinatubo eruption. Thousands of people were displaced after losing their homes to lahar flow, while hundreds did not survive the havoc.  While it was seemingly impossible for the Kapampangans to …


Love is in the air? No, it’s down there

26-year-old Jade Canilao was so excited to try a new adventure— flying an ultralight plane. But little did she know, she’s bound for more excitement. Her boyfriend Adriane Brent Castro, 30, planned something very special and Jade was clueless.  “I planned it with her elder sister. We made it as if it’s their family outing …

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